I'm Euan A Web Developer & Graphic Designer. — I have been learning to develop for many years and have had many people help me with these skills along the way. — I have also been Graphic Designing for many years and i'm working on my Graphic Communications Qualifications as well as Computing Science Qualifications at the moment.

Please read more about my projects below and if you would like to contact me my email is euanliv@gmail.com

Web Design & Development

Sapphire Adventures

This project was developed by ChezzerYT but i sometimes helped with certain things and other bug fixes.

Coasters & Crafters

Me & ChezzerYT are working on this together with ItzPolar creating the next generation of Minecraft Server List website.

Fife Cycle Speedway

This is a charity i helped create a website for, we started with the BootstrapMade template called bethany and then adapted it for PHP and I added multi page support.

KW6Craft New!

I installed NamelessMC for the KW6Craft Minecraft Server, I installed a well known theme and they liked the final result.

Franks Laboratory

I will be developing a website using wordpress for a minecraft server called franks laboratory later this year.

Dream Kingdom

I have been asked to create a Nameless website for a server called Dream Kingdom later this year.


Here is statistics on my coding knowledge — I have been learning to develop for many years and have had many people help me with these skills along the way.

HTML 75%

I have been using css for the past three years and I can develop quite well using it.

CSS 55%

I have been developing with css for about two years and i'm learning this as I go!

PHP 35%

I have been learning php during the covid lockdown and i'm enjoying it!


I am learning javascript at the moment and i can do small things like program buttons to redirect.


I have been learning python for my exams and I now understand how to use it quite well!


I normally use phpmyadmin when using MySQL databases but I can us them with php to display different things on webpages.


I have been using linux for the past year and I now know how to use commands and manage software within it.

APACHE 2 10%

I am learning to use Apache 2 at the moment.

Graphic Design

Dreamers Network

I graphically drew the dreamers network logos for use on their minecraft server and website!

Sapphire Adventures Old

I drew up this logo a few years bacl for Sapphire Adventures logo before they updated it.

Coasters & Crafters

I designed this logo for coasters & crafters logo last year and they still use it now!


I created this logo for the ParkPlusMC spigot plugin getting released later this year!

KW6Craft Web

I created this logo for the KW6 Minecraft Server for use on their websites.

KW6Craft Concept Art

I created this logo for the KW6 Minecraft Server and is concept art at the moment.

The Discs

I created these music discs in about 1 hour.

Contact Me!

Would you like me to design a graphic or code a website for you? contact me for a quote!